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Quality and Safety

Safe Structures. Proven Results

Our work to date is our best testimonial for the safe practices and quality of our work and team.

At Diamond Precast Logistics, we follow a safety plan for every project we undertake and for every product we produce. We work to Australian Standards for precasting and follow the precast code of practice, while our staff meet all industry standards and hold the relevant qualifications.

Our company quality management system is enforced by our qualified Management team who oversee all jobs to ensure the standards are being met. They also stay abreast of any and all industry changes so we can keep our processes up to date.

We only use proven industry standard products, testing products before use and ensuring safe delivery so products arrive to standard. All construction projects undertaken by our team adhere to all on-site health and safety method statements and we are proud of the consistent quality and safety of our work to date.

We have been in this industry for long enough to know what is needed to ensure safe operations and to maintain the quality of our work and products – so we are confident in the systems we have in place to provide quality and safety to our clients and staff.

Your project is in good hands.