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Diamond Transfloor System


The Diamond Transfloor is a precast slab forming system using a combination of precast steel reinforced concrete panels and a poured in-situ topping as a means of constructing a suspended concrete slab. The use of site placed steel reinforced concrete effectively ties all the precast elements together providing safety, rigidity and structural redundancy.

As a precast flooring system it offers many advantages over cast in-situ floors while maintaining the full structural integrity and monolithic requirements of the slab.

The Diamond Transfloor has many benefits such as minimal propping providing overall weight savings, reduces the need for insitu concrete and allows for faster construction – all of this saves time, cost and helps you realise your construction program.

Call us today to talk about how the Diamond Transfloor System can revolutionise your next project.

Advantages of the Diamond Transfloor System:
  • Reduction in formwork and propping
  • Pre-finished ceilings
  • Shop drawing eliminates on-site surprises
  • Less expensive than other options
  • Faster construction time
  • Simplified and safer construction process
  • Durable
  • Fire, thermal and acoustic advantages
  • Services can be readily accommodated
  • Thinner flooring sections can be achieved
  • Design flexibility
  • Service openings (for power, water, etc.) can be cast in.


Step 1: Planning and Design

Have you already got drawings? We can convert them to precast. Or if you’re starting a new project we can help you with design & drawings. Diamond Precast offers end to end service on all concrete projects.

Step 2: Manufacturing

Once your design in finalised we will manufacture the Diamond Transfloor panels here in our Perth factory. You have the option to include Foam Void Formers on the panels to minimise the amount of topper concrete required and reduce the overall weight of the floor.

Step 3: Temporary Propping

Preparation on site is much less when utilising the Diamond Transfloor System. Timber supports are typically up to 2.5m centres. You’ll need less materials, labour and time on site, this is one of the major advantages of the system.

Step 4: Installation

This is where the Diamond Transfloor System truly shines. The speed of installation is the greatest benefit of this system. We can lay up to 200 square meters an hour!

Step 5: Insitu Pouring of the Topping

Save time with less volume for the in-situ pouring of the slab. Indicatively marked panels assist electricians, plumbers and services trades to quickly locate their works. Once everything is in place the in-situ concrete topping will be poured. In certain situations steel fibres can be utilised within the concrete mix eliminating up to 80% of reinforcing typically required.

Step 6: Soffit Finish

The underside of the Diamond Transfloor panels can be used as the ceiling of the level below. The soffit can be left as it is as part of the architects design, you could flush the joints and paint over it the same as a typical ceiling or you can still use a false ceiling to accommodate things like light fittings and air conditioning.

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