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Retaining Walls & VertiBlock


Do you have a project that requires some retaining walls? We have the precast solution for you! Rather than pouring the walls insitu, save time on your next construction project with Diamond Precast retaining walls. We manufacture as per the designs provided in our Perth factory, transport the walls to site and install. Our highly experienced Diamond Precast team makes this process easy for you.

Photos from our recent projects:


Something new to Western Australia! Diamond Precast is excited to be the first to manufacture of Verti-Block™ in Perth.

Verti-Block™ are easy to transport and install, there’s no need for heavy machines like a telehandler or crane. The male and female connection eliminates placement error, ensuring strength and an exact installation every time. Also, the engineered hollow cavities allow for more flexibility with drainage and less concrete required for each block which will save time and money.


Verti-Blocks are built to work in almost any space and can accommodate tight curves and winding landscapes. That means that no matter what job you’re working on, you can be sure everything will fit just right.

Plus, installing the Verti-Block™ retaining wall system is quick and seamless. The hollow design makes for a less labour-intensive process that’s a lot more practical than the traditional cast-in-place walls.


Verti-Block™ is perfectly sized for almost any landscaping project. Measuring in at approximately 60cm x 120cm x 90cm, it’s able to create gravity walls up just over 4 meters high — even higher when reinforced. And its unique hollow design makes it lighter, more affordable and easier to handle than solid blocks.

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