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Diamond Brick Inlay


For the look and feel of traditional brick, with the time and cost savings of precast concrete panels, choose Robertson Façade Systems’ Brick Inlay. This reliable and proven facade system inlays real brick, porcelain, or stone tiles into precast concrete panels to create the look and feel of a traditional brick facade.

You can customise any pattern and texture you need, from arches and headers, radius and multiple coursing patterns, to beautiful curved facades.

The process of brick inlay is very straight forward. Our drafters detail every aspect of the production, and the brick panels are made in multiples of brick and mortar dimensions. Placing brick tiles can take as little at 3 minutes per square metre and constructing panel shutters is as simple as it is for standard concrete panels.

Here are some completed projects using Robertson Façade Systems’ Brick Inlay:

If you need help with you next project or just want to know if Brick In-Lay could work for you, give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through it.

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