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Our Products

At Diamond Precast Logistics, we manufacture build-ready precast concrete walls, floors, beams and columns for a variety of building projects across Perth. Designed and manufactured in house by our experienced team, our products are all made to meet industry standards with quality materials.

We have been creating these products to meet our valuable clients needs for years, and believe we use and manufacture some of the best products in the business.

We are your total structure solution.

While we specialise in precast concrete, in certain scenarios in situ or alternatives may be required to complete your structure, so we remain versatile to make sure that what we use is always what is best for your design.

Diamond Transfloor

Save time and money on your next project with the Diamond Transfloor System. This system uses a combination of precast steel reinforced concrete panels and a poured in-situ topping as a means of constructing a suspended concrete slab. The use of site placed steel reinforced concrete effectively ties all the precast elements together providing safety, rigidity and structural redundancy.


At Diamond Precast we not only manufacture and deliver, we provide installation and site works for precast walls for all purposes. You name it, we make it from high rise, residential, commercial premises or industrial warehouse walls.



Diamond Precast’s civil capabilities extends to culverts, bridges, MSE walls, retaining walls, abutment walls, crash barriers, parapet walls, duct banks, footings and foundations. What ever your civil project might be, we can help.


Diamond Precast have the capabilities and experience to supply noise walls that meet main roads requirements on a large scale. You may have seen some of our noise walls on the roads to the airport as we manufactured and installed 57,000m² of noise walls for the Gateway WA Project – Perth’s largest ever road project.


When your project requires retaining or earth stabilisation we can offer a customised solution for you. Rather than conventional pouring the walls insitu, save time and ease on your next construction project with Diamond Precast retaining walls.


A brick appearance using an innovative facade solution that speeds construction time and significantly reduces construction costs.


Are you looking for an architectural or creative finish to your project? Diamond Precast offers many solutions for patterns, textures and surface finishes.

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Polished / Honed / Sandblasted Concrete
Coloured Concrete
Reckli Form Liners